Young Buck is best known for being the southern connection in 50 Cent’s former rap super group G-Unit. Buck came straight out of Nashville, Tennessee and was signed to Cash Money Records before he got together with G-Unit. Young Buck never got to release any material on Cash Money and then left the label for a brief stint on Juvenile’s UTP label before getting signed by 50 Cent to become a G-Unit member in the absence of Tony Yayo. The southern drawl and unique flow made Buck stand out from the other members of G-Unit and quickly garnered him his own following of fans who may have liked him on an individual basis apart from the rest of the group. Young Buck’s album Straight Outta Cashville, went platinum and produced hits such as “Shorty Wanna Ride” and “Let Me In”. However, in the next few years things turned south for Buck, when he got in trouble for his taxes and the relationship with 50 soured to the point Buck was no longer a member of G-Unit. Since then, Young Buck has gone on the independent route, with 2010’s The Rehab amongst other efforts. For Young Buck’s best songs, I chose what I think are his top 25 tracks thus far in his career. There is plenty of material here for the casual fan to get started listening to Buck with songs from throughout his career.

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1. Cocaine

2. Bang Bang

3. Taped Convos

4. The City

5. Flossin’

6. Stomp

7. Push Em Back

8. I’m Ready

9. Prices On My Head

10. Do It Like Me

11. I Know You Want Me

12. Something Got Me On It

13. Hood Documentary

14. One More Time

15. Slow Ya Roll

16. I’m a Soldier

17. Black Gloves

18. Look at Me Now

19. Thou Shall

20. Bonafide Hustler

21. Shorty Wanna Ride

22. Let Me In

23. Get Buck

24. Taxin’

25. U Ain’t Goin Nowhere