Waka Flocka Flame came from Atlanta’s thriving rap music scene to help represent the Dirty South on a national level. His mother is the former manager of fellow rapper Gucci Mane and Waka, a member of the Brick Squad. Waka has become a hit in recent years due to his unique style and ability to capture an audience of people from many different backgrounds. His two Flockaveli albums have been wildly successful and singles such as “No Hands” and “Round of Applause” have enjoyed radio success that further solidifies him in the mainstream consciousness. Not one to lose his appeal to hip hop fans, Flocka also put out several mixtapes to keep the public satisfied. For this list, I chose 23 of Waka Flocka Flame’s best songs. It’s by no means an exhaustive effort, rather, it is a list to get the casual fan started in on his catalogue of music.

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1. Hard in the Paint

2. Round of Applause

3. No Hands

4. I Don’t Really Care

5. Get Low

6. Lurkin

7. For My Dawgs

8. Live By the Gun

9. Obituary

10. Clap

11. Rooster in My Rari

12. Took Off

13. TTG (Trained to Go)

14. Candy Paint & Gold Teeth

15. Grove St. Party

16. Bricksquad

17. Karma

18. Bang

19. Homies

20. Snake in the Grass

21. Bustin’ At Em

22. 50K Remix

23. O Let’s Do It

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