Texas rappers Pimp C and Bun B formed the rap duo UGK (Underground Kingz) in the late 1980s and enjoyed huge success in the Southern hip hop community for many years before enjoying mainstream recognition on songs such as Jay-Z’s “Big Pimpin’”. They were one of the most respected and talented rap duo’s to step into the game and have have established street classics about the trials and tribulations of hustling as well as radio hits that helped them to reach a broader audience. Unfortunately, Pimp C died in 2007 and the music world lost a great talent. For this list I wanted to compile a list of UGK’s best songs from all of their albums that would produce a good mix for new fans or people that are re-introducing themselves to their music. I ended up picking 32 tracks that I consider to be the greatest of all UGK songs.

1.Int’l Players Anthem

2. Diamonds & Wood

3. Front, Back & Side to Side

4. One Day

5. Something Good

6. Everybody Wanna Ball

7. Like a Pimp

8. Gravy

9. Living this Life

10. Holdin’ Na

11. Ridin’ Dirty

12. Steal Your Mind

13. Return

14. Shattered Dreams

15. Feds in Town

16. I’m So Bad

17. Take It Off

18. Pocket Full of Stones

19. Pocket Full of Stones (Pimp C Remix)

20. Something Good

21. Hi Life

22. Used to Be

23. 3 In the Mornin’

24. Choppin’ Blades

25. The Game Belongs to Me

26. Cocaine

27. Three Sixteens

28. Wood Wheel

29. Swishas and Dosha

30. Let Me See It

31. Murder

32. Da Game Been Good to Me