Tyga is a rapper on Lil Wayne’s Young Money imprint who has put out various mixtapes, done plenty of collaborative work with his Young Money cohorts, and has put out three albums thus far such as Careless World: Rise of the Last King. Tyga has established himself as someone with crossover appeal but still maintains a solid following in the hip-hop world as well. For this list I wanted to draw from both his albums and mixtapes to create a long list of tracks which I consider to at the top of Tyga’s catalog thus far. It ended up being 25 songs of Tyga’s best and should be enough for any new fan to get started with.

1. Faded

2. Make It Nasty

3. Careless World

4. Dope

5. Rack City

6. Do My Dance

7. Switch Lanes

8. Molly

9. Still Got It

10. Get Loose

11. Show You

12. Lay You Down

13. For the Road

14. Mutha*ucka Up

15. Do My Dance

16. Love Game

17. Hit’em Up

18. Heisman

19. I’m Done

20. What They Want

21. Snapbacks Back

22. Get Rich

23. Don’t Hate the Playa

24. 500 Degrees

25. Ayy Ladies