Taylor Swift has been one of the world’s most popular artists for about a decade now. Ever since she was a teenager she has been tearing up the charts with hit after hit. Even though she is still young, Taylor has developed quite a catalog of music up to this point in time and is always seemingly churning out fresh material. For this list, I have selected 25 songs to get a casual fan started or even someone who doesn’t know anything about her on the path towards exploring all of her music. As always, this list is not in any order and I have included an iTunes playlist for ease of listening and downloading.

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1. I Knew You Were Trouble

2. Shake it Off

3. Mean

4. Love Story

5. You Belong with me

6. 22

7. Welcome to New York

8. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

9. Never Grow Up

10. Red

11. Style

12. Blank Space

13. Wonderland

14. Back to December

15. New Romantics

16. Style

17. Bad Blood

18. You Are in Love

19. Our Song

20. Out of the Woods

21. Wildest Dreams

22. Ours

23. Fifteen

24. Sparks Fly

25. Picture to Burn