With the release of their third album, Sublime finally started to get the recognition they deserved in 1996. Sadly, Bradley Nowell, the band’s front man died of a heroin overdose before the album actually got released. Thus, Sublime never really got the chance to grow further as a group and create even more great music. However, their albums have since become immensely popular, and they still have plenty of fans around the world. For this list, I have selected 20 of Sublime’s songs which I feel are the best of the bunch from their three albums. This isn’t to say these are the only good Sublime songs but this is a good place to start.

1. Get Out!

2. Smoke Two Joints

3. 40 oz. to Freedom

4. Badfish

5. Let’s Go Get Stoned

6. Right Back

7. DJs

8. Date Rape

9. What Happened

10. What I Got

11. Wrong Way

12. Seed

13. Santeria

14. April 29, 1992

15. The Ballad of Johnny Butt

16. Pool Shark

17. Saw Red

18. Steppin’ Razor

19. STP

20. Greatest Hits