As far as rap supergroups go, Slaughterhouse seems to be supremely underrated. With a line up consisting of Joe Budden, Crooked I, Joell Ortiz, and Royce da 5’9”, this rap group meshes ill flow, no non-sense material, and lyrics that will cause repeated listens to absorb it’s greatness. With a limited catalog that consists of one studio album Welcome to Our House, multiple mixtapes, and guest appearances on individual members’ solo efforts, the fact that they have compiled this much great material is a testament to their talents. It’s no wonder that their album was released under Eminem’s own imprint who’s long history with Royce da 5’9” had no doubt helped him to recognize the groups superior talent and abilities to create great music together. Slaughterhouse’s members have diverse styles that will appeal to a wide number of rap fans who can latch onto at least one member of the group and want to hear more and more from that individual. None of these guys’ are rookies in this rap game and as such have no need to really sell-out and produce music that isn’t exactly what they want to do. Hopefully, the future holds much more material from Slaughterhouse but for now this list will have to serve as the best songs of their group careers thus far.

1. Coming Home

2. Monsters

3. Slaughterhouse

4. Sound Off

5. My Life

6. Goodbye

7. Our House

8. Microphone

9. Hammer Dance

10. Throw it Away

11. Rescue Me

12. Flip a Bird

13. The Other Side

14. Sound Off

15. Frat House

16. Walk of Shame

17. Everybody Down

18. Place to Be

19. Not Tonight

20. Loud Noises

21. Asylum

There you have it the twenty-one best songs by the rap group Slaughterhouse. If you are just getting into their music I encourage you to give these tracks a listen and then delve into the individual catalogs of each member, as there is plenty of free material to explore before you ever get to their albums. My own favorite from the bunch is Joe Budden, who has some amazing stuff from his Mood Muzick series.