Plies is a Florida based rapper who struck it big on the national scene in 2007 with hits from his debut album entitled The Real Testament. He is known for his use of street slang, talk of the goon lifestyle, and club hits for the ladies. Plies is a former college football player who turned away from athletics in order to pursue a career in rap music and it turned out to be a wise decision. Plies soon became a consistent feature on other rappers and R&B artist’s tracks because of his star draw. For this list, I chose the top songs that Plies has produced thus far in his career, so that new fans can create a solid mix and get into the catalog of music. This is the list of the 26 best songs by Plies.

1. Shawty

2. Hypnotized

3. Becky

4. I Wanna (Remix)

5. Somebody (Loves You)

6. Awesome

7. Stressin’

8. I’m Da Man

9. I Am the Club

10. Bruh Bruh

11. 1 Day

12. Watch Dis

13. Rich Folk

14. Want It, Need It

15. Friday

16. Look Like

17. Kitty, Kitty

18. Go Live

19. Runnin My Momma Crazy

20. Rob Myself

21. Kept It Too Real

22. You

23. 100 Years

24. Flaw

25. Goons Lurkin’

26. Bust It Baby Part 2