Pitbull is a Cuban-American rapper from out of Miami who is well-known for his massive club and radio hits that are simply infectious and get the dance floors of the world moving. He had several non-radio hits that were very popular at dance clubs and parties in the early to mid 2000s before he really started topping the charts and enjoying huge crossover appeal on the Top 40 lists. For this post, I have chosen what I think are the 25 best songs by Pitbull thus far in his career and should be more than enough to get any party started.

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1. Culo

2. Don’t Stop the Party

3. Timber

4. Toma

5. Fireball

6. Dammit Man

7. Feel This Moment

8. Melting Pot

9. Wild Wild Love

10. Bon, Bon

11. Back in Time

12. Guantanamera (She’s Hot)

13. The Anthem

14. Hey Baby

15. Go Girl

16. Rain Over Me

17. Pause

18. Give Me Everything

19. Stripper Pole

20. Rock Bottom

21. Que Tu Sabes

22. Jealouso

23. I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)

24. Triumph

25. Shut It Down