Oasis was one of the biggest bands in the world in the mid to late 1990s and were know for their great songs, sibling infighting, and sounds that were reminiscent of the Beatles. The band is currently non-existent under the name Oasis, Noel has split off to do his solo act, while the rest of the band is together with Liam under a new title. Anyways, even though it looks like Oasis has become something of the past, officially, there is plenty of fantastic material for fans new and old to pour through. For this list, I have chosen what I feel are the 26 best tracks ever from Oasis, including all of their hits and lesser known material. As always, I have created an iTunes playlist for sampling the tracks on this list.

1. Wonderwall

2. Champagne Supernova

3. Live Forever

4. Don’t Look Back in Anger

5. Supersonic

6. Stop Crying Your Heart Out

7. Morning Glory

8. Don’t Go Away

9. Talk Tonight

10. Some Might Say

11. D’You Know What I Mean?

12. Whatever

13. Fuckin’ in the Bushes

14. Slide Away

15. It’s Better People

16. Songbird

17. Hey Now

18. Lyla

19. She’s Electric

20. Hello

21. Roll With It

22. Little By Little

23. Rock N Roll Star

24. She is Love

25. Half the World Away

26. The Shock of the Lightning