The Notorious B.I.G. is widely considered to be one of the best (if not the best) rapper of all-time. His flow, lyrics, charisma, and storytelling abilities were off the charts. Off of two albums alone, Biggie became an absolute legend in the world of hip hop and music in general. For this list, I have selected 25 songs from his catalog and some which were released after his 1997 death, which I consider to be his best work. I should note that on the playlist below, some of the tracks from the Ready to Die album, might not be the original since lawsuits by artists that were sampled on that album won’t allow the sale of that album any longer.

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1. Juicy

2. Big Poppa

3. Notorious Thugs

4. Hypnotize

5. Going Back to Cali

6. Kick in the Door

7. Ten Crack Commandments

8. You’re Nobody

9. Sky’s the Limit

10. Suicidal Thoughts

11. Warning

12. One More Chance

13. Gimme the Loot

14. Miss U

15. Mo Money, Mo Problems

16. Everyday Struggle

17. The What

18. Things Done Changed

19. Nasty Girl

20. I Love the Dough

21. Brooklyn’s Finest

22. I Got a Story to Tell

23. Fu*k You Tonight

24. Dead Wrong

25. Come On