No Doubt successfully blended rock/ska/pop to create massive hits throughout the 90s and early 2000s. Their album Tragic Kingdom, was one of the most successful albums of the decade and spawned hits which topped the charts throughout that year. Frontwoman, Gwen Stefani, has had a very successful solo career of her own but it all started with No Doubt. For this list, I have selected 20 songs which I feel are the best from their catalog. As always, I have included an iTunes playlist for ease of listen and downloading.

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1. Just a Girl

2. Don’t Speak

3. Spiderwebs

4. Hella Good

5. It’s My Life

6. Settle Down

7. Hey Baby

8. Underneath It All

9. Ex-Girlfriend

10. Bathwater

11. Sunday Morning

12. New

13. Simple Kind of Life

14. Rock Steady

15. Magic’s in the Makeup

16. Tragic Kingdom

17. Sixteen

18. The Climb

19. Trapped in a Box

20. One More Summer