The Neptunes have had a major impact on the hip hop world for over 20 years and indeed an influence over popular music in general. Chad Hugo and Pharrell Williams have created too many hits to count for rap and pop artists and their collaborative group N.E.R.D has put out plenty of unique music in their own right. For this list, I have picked what I think are the 20 best songs ever from N.E.R.D and this should serve as a great starting point for anyone looking to get into their music.

1. Rock Star

2. Happy

3. You Know What

4. Lapdance

5. Windows

6. She Wants to Move

7. I Wanna Jam

8. Fly or Die

9. Sooner or Later

10. Loser

11. Bobby James

12. The Way She Dances

13. Yeah You

14. Run to the Sun

15. Hot-N-Fun

16. Provider

17. Love Bomb

18. Things are Getting Better

19. Everyone Nose

20. Spaz