Nelly broke out in a huge way in the year 2000 with his multi-platinum debut album Country Grammar. Since then, Nelly has put out many more massive hits and even though he took a back seat for a while, he has come back into the limelight and still puts out great music for his fans. There were a few years from 2000 to 2005 where Nelly was on top of the rap game but like anything else in life it is nearly impossible to sustain that kind of goodwill and creative energy at that high of a level. Either way, Nelly has put forth a really great catalog of rap music over the years, one that is accessible to rap fans and more mainstream pop fans alike. For this list, I chose the top 25 songs by Nelly ever, in no particular order.

1. Country Grammar

2. Gone

3. St. Louie

4. Ride Wit Me

5. Heart of a Champion

6. Flap Your Wings

7. E.I.

8. Pimp Juice

9. Thicky Thick Girl

10 .Batter Up

11. Hot in Herre

12. Nellyville

13. Air Force Ones

14. Dilemma

15. #1

16. Get Like Me

17. Hey Porsche

18. The Gank

19. My Place

20. Nobody Knows

21. Grillz

22. The Champ

23. Over and Over

24. Just a Dream

25. She’s So Fly