For someone who has enjoyed so much success, fame, and notoriety it is hard to believe that Miley Cyrus is still only 20 years old. Billy Ray Cyrus’ daughter enjoyed mega-popularity on the hit Disney channel show Hannah Montana which spawned soundtracks and movies to further propel Miley’s career into the stratosphere. While her acting has garnered her a hit TV show, movies such as LOL, and appearance on other television show like Two and a Half Men, this focus of this post will be on her music and the best songs she has done thus far in her career. Miley has certainly matured both in terms of her image and her musical output and there was the sense of a definite shift with the release of 2010’s album Can’t Be Tamed which followed her extended play album which featured the smash hit “Party in the U.S.A.” It has been quite a transformation from the image of Hannah Montana to doing hits with Snoop Lion for his album and working with producers like Pharrell Williams for her latest album entitled Bangerz which features the single “We Can’t Stop”. For this list I wanted to put up the 20 greatest Miley tracks that she has put out thus far in her career which should give new fans a chance to put together a solid mix.

1. Can’t Be Tamed

2. The Climb

3. We Can’t Stop

4. Party in the U.S.A.

5. Stay

6. 7 Things

7. See You Again

8. When I Look at You

9. Who Owns My Heart

10. Hoedown Throwdown

11. I’ll Always Remember You

12. Butter Fly Away

13. Fly on the Wall

14. Two More Lonely People

15. I Miss You

16. Goodbye

17. Robot

18. Scars

19. These Four Walls

20. Ordinary Girl

There you have it the 20 best songs from Miley Cyrus. The list as of now doesn’t include the tracks from Bangerz as it has not been released other than “We Can’t Stop” but it should hold everyone over until her new album gets put out.