After two number one singles off of his release The Heist with Ryan Lewis, it is safe to say that Macklemore has hit his stride as an artist. After critical and underground success, the rapper burst onto the big stage with the success of his catchy and hilarious song “Thrift Shop”, which hit number one and dominated YouTube with well over 300 million views to date. Not bad. It’s been a long time coming for Macklemore, from out of Seattle to the worldwide fame he has now accomplished. Formerly known as Professor Macklemore he put out several mixtapes which showed his progression as an artist and his album The Language of My World came out all the way back in 2005 and is just as entertaining albeit different from the tracks found on The Heist. For this list of the best songs by Macklemore I chose 30 tracks which I think give a great overall sense of what he is about as an artist and it hits on many of his lesser known tracks that new fans who have only hear the popular singles may be interested in hearing. Macklemore is a man of many talents and it seems that he and Ryan Lewis will be coming back stronger now that they’ve have gotten everyone’s attention.


1. Can’t Hold Us

2. Thrift Shop

3. My Oh My

4. Otherside

5. The Town

6. Castle

7. And We Danced

8. Same Love

9. Ten Thousand Hours

10. Vipassana

11. Wing$

12. Irish Celebration

13. Gold

14. American

15. Her Name was Music

16. White Privilege

17. Hold Your Head Up

18. Neon Cathedral

19. Fallin

20. Cowboy Boots

21. Church

22. A Wake

23. The End

24. White Walls

25. Love Song

26. Fake ID

27. Fresh Coast

28. Penis Song

29. Welcome to the Culture

30 Flossin