Lykke Li is a Swedish singer with a unique style and voice which makes her a real experience to listen to. Her vocals can be soft yet haunting and chock full of a raw emotion that brings a certain gravity to her music. She has put out plenty of fantastic material since her debut album in 2008 and for this list I have chose 20 tracks which I feel are the best. As usual, I have included an iTunes playlist for ease of listening and downloading.

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1. Little Bit

2. Until We Bleed

3. I Follow Rivers

4. No Rest for the Wicked

5. Gunshot

6. Get Some

7. Possibility

8. Dance, Dance, Dance

9. Jerome

10. Breaking It Up

11. I Know Places

12. No One Ever Loved

13. Tonight

14. I Never Learn

15. Never Gonna Love Again

16. Youth Knows No Pain

17. Unrequited Love

18. Just Like a Dream

19. Love Me Like I’m Not Made of Stone

20. Time Flies