Ludacris has been a force in the rap game for almost 15 years now, ever since his Back for the First Time album in 2000. Luda has always had some great and hard hitting southern rap tracks to make the clubs bounce and the windows of your car rattle. He can also create more reflective and serious music but all the while still manage to have really funny lyrics on another song. Point blank, Ludacris gets respect due to his skillful flow, lyrics, and his versatility as an artist. For this list, I wanted to select songs which I felt really represented his top material and I ended up with 36 songs. All of these songs come from different time periods and points within his career, so I think that it is a fair representation of him as a rapper.

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1. What’s Your Fantasy?

2. Ho

3. Southern Hospitality

4. Stick Em Up

5. Splash Waterfalls

6. Phat Rabbit

7. My Chick Bad

8. Coming 2 America

9. Roll Out

10. How Low?

11. Area Codes

12. Growing Pains

13. Move Bitch

14. Saturday

15. Block Lockdown

16. Undisputed

17. Everybody Hates Chris

18. Blueberry Yum Yum

19. Representin’

20. Do the Right Thang

21. MVP

22. Wish You Would

23. Rest of My Life

24. Spur of the Moment

25. Number One Spot

26. Virgo

27. Money Maker

28. Child of the Night

29. Slap

30. Grew Up a Screw Up

31. Do Your Time

32. War With God

33. Party Girls

34. Tell Me a Secret

35. Get Back

36. Stand Up