When Cash Money Records first really hit it big on the national scene in the late 1990s, it was Juvenile who seemed to be the main draw and not Lil Wayne. There was a few years span when that incarnation of the record label seemed to dominate the rap game, much like the new roster of Young Money artists do today. Juvenile had both street cred and a growing mainstream audience, especially after the single “Back That Azz Up” dropped and was frequently ranked high on shows like TRL. For this list, I wanted to break down Juvenile’s catalog of music and come up with 20 of his best songs ever. This list is in no particular order but it can serve as a starting place for those who want to explore his music further.

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1. Rodeo
2. Ha

3. Slow Motion

4. Back That Azz Up

5. 400 Degreez

6. Set It Off

7. Juvenile On Fire

8. In My Life

9. Mamma Got Ass

10. White Girl

11. Gone Ride With Me

12. Bounce Back

13. Take Them 5

14. I Got That Fire

15. Da Magnolia

16. Ghetto Children

17. Get Ya Hustle On

18. U Understand

19. Numb Numb

20. What’s Happenin’