John Legend is a supremely talented singer and songwriter who has had massive success with his own music from top ten singles to the many Grammy Awards he has received. After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, Legend worked his way into the music industry often selling his own albums before and after his shows. Between 2004-2006 Legend released the two albums that helped to firmly establish himself as a mainstream artist, Get Lifted and Once Again, which featured hits like “Ordinary People” and “Save Room” For this list, I have dug deep into his catalog of music to find the best tracks that he has put out so far and I ended up with 32 total. That is more than enough to start a John Legend mix for any new fan who might be just discovering his music.

1. Save Room

2. Tonight (Best You Ever Had)

3. P.D.A. (We Just Don’t Care)

4. All of Me

5. Ordinary People

6. You & I

7. This Time

8. Made to Love

9. Slow Dance

10. Who Do We Think We Are

11. So High

12. Open Your Eyes

13. Used to Love U

14. The Beginning

15. If You’re Out There

16. Another Again

17. Don’t Worry Bout a Thing

18. Shine

19. Stay With You

20. No Other Love

21. I Love, You Love

22. Green Light

23. Heaven

24. Wake Up Everybody

25. Hard Times

26. Each Day Gets Better

27. Everybody Knows

28. Live It Up

29. If You’re Out There

30. Alright

31. Bliss

32. Stereo