Joe Budden has been one of the most underrated and under-appreciated rappers over the past decade plus. He had one major hit in “Pump It Up” but has put out a line of classic mixtapes/albums in the Mood Muzik series and more recently the ‘Love’ series of albums. He is lyrically complex, dope, and emotionally raw and honest about his life. For this list, I have selected 25 tracks which I feel are among his best work ever. Naturally, he has a lot more great material beyond this list, but this can serve as a great starting place.

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1. Fire

2. Broken Wings Freestyle

3. Dear Angela

4. Pump It Up

5. Broke

6. Unforgiven

7. If All Else Fails

8. Where It Go Wrong?

9. 1000 Faces

10. Angel in My Life

11. Sober Up

12. Inseparable

13. Aftermath

14. Come Along

15. Follow Your Lead

16. 4 Walls

17. Forgive Me

18. Remember the Titans

19. F ‘Em All

20. Slaughtermouse

21. All in My Head

22. Last Day

23. NBA

24. She Don’t Put It Down

25. Walk with Me