Imagine Dragons have had a year that many bands dream about having but few actually accomplish. In 2012, their debut album Night Visions was released but it was the year 2013 that saw an acceleration in their popularity and their second single “Radioactive” rise to the top of the Billboard Hot 100. Their other single entitled “It’s Time” was no slouch either reaching top 15 status on the charts as well. The band just like any other act is not what can be titled an overnight sensation. The band has had different lineups and has previously released two EP’s one self-titled and the other known as Hell and Silence, however, these previous efforts have laid the ground work for the band to climb to the top of both the indie rock as well as popular music’s peak. With such an explosive popularity, the band will have every opportunity in the future to have their music heard by massive groups of people but for purposes of this post, I want to focus on Imagine Dragon’s best songs to this point in their career. In the end I have chosen what I feel are the top 18 tracks by the band which should give new fans a great mix to listen to and further introduction into the band’s ever expanding catalog of music.

1. On Top of the World

2. It’s Time

3. Radioactive

4. My Fault

5. Tip Toe

6. Demons

7. Bleeding Out

8. Uptight

9. Cover Up

10. Curse

11. Amsterdam

12. Hear Me

13. Every Night

14. Underdog

15. Round and Round

16. Emma

17. All Eyes

18. I Don’t Mind

The list is thus far capped at 18 by the currently limited amount of songs that Imagine Dragons has put out. However, the band is sure to put out more great hits in the future, after they finish touring and enjoying their successful album. Seeing the band live is sure to be a great experience and I can guess that a concert by Imagine Dragons would be pretty epic.