Iggy Azalea has exploded on the scene within the past few years both as an artist and as a model. Her song “Fancy” with its Clueless inspired music video hit number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and seems to be just the start for Iggy. Her debut album The New Classic was released in April, while she continued to climb the charts, and her other singles have been released to garner significant airplay around the world. Not bad for a female rapper out of Australia. For this list, I have selected the 20 best tracks from Iggy Azalea thus far in her career, from her first album and EP she released earlier. Obviously, this list will change over time but it is a good starting place for new fans to give her work a listen.

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1. Work

2. My World

3. Walk the Line

4. Pu$$y

5. Fancy

6. New Bitch

7. Change Your Life

8. Black Widow

9. Bounce

10. Don’t Need Y’all

11. Fuck Love

12. MS. International

13. Drop that Shit

14. Chasin’ Me

15. Just Askin’

16. U Ain’t My Daddy

17. Red Bottoms

18. Rolex

19. 100

20. Impossible is Nothing