Huey Lewis and the News is a band that experience massive success throughout the mid-1980s and into the early 90s. Their album Sports slowly worked its way up to the top of the charts after their first two albums weren’t nearly as successful. Sports spawned multiple top ten hits and songs which still receive radio play from stations which specialize in older music. All in all, Huey Lewis in the news, landed nineteen songs within the Billboard Hot 100 charts. For this list, I wanted to include both the famous tracks by this band and the not so famous in order to create a mix for all fans to enjoy. In the end, I chose 20 songs which I think fit the bill as Huey Lewis and the News best songs. Some were probably left off that are also great but this is as good of a starting place as any for the casual fan.

1. Do You Believe in Love

2. The Power of Love

3. I Want a New Drug

4. The Heart of Rock N Roll

5. If This is It

6. Heart and Soul

7. Back in Time

8. Hip to be Square

9. Stuck with You

10. Jacob’s Ladder

11. Cruisin’

12. Workin for a Livin

13. It’s All Right

14. Doing it All for My Baby

15. Bad is Bad

16. Walking on a Thin Line

17. Do You Believe in Love?

18. But It’s Alright

19. Respect Yourself

20. Whatever Happened to True Love?