Ginuwine was a major force in the R&B music scene in the late 1990s and early 00s, churning out hit after hit with instrumentals laced by super-producer Timbaland. Songs such as “Stingy” and “Pony” rose to the top of the chart with their sometimes raunchy lyrics, infectious beats and melodies, and Ginuwine’s only silky smooth vocals. Ginuwine seems to have a sound all of his own that other artists cannot hope to duplicate and really sets him apart as a singer. While he hasn’t enjoyed the same level of success since his heyday, Ginuwine continues to put out great material for old fans and new fans alike. Creating a list of the best songs by Ginuwine required a solid mix of his known hits and lesser known gems. Also, there needed to be a blend of more uptempo material and the slow ballads he is well versed in. For this list, I have selected 25 songs that I feel top Ginuwine’s catalog up to this point in time and will serve as a solid introduction to his material for those just getting into his music.

1. The Best Man I Can Be

2. Differences

3. None of Ur Friends Business

4. Pony

5. So Anxious

6. Stingy

7. Open Arms

8. In Those Jeans

9. Tribute to a Woman

10. Lonely Daze

11. One Time for Love

12. Same Ol’ G

13. What’s So Different?

14. Love You More

15. All Nite All Day

16. Tell Me Do U Wanna

17. I’m In Love

18. Final Warning

19. Hell Yeah

20. When Dove Cry

21. World Is So Cold

22. Wait a Minute

23. Superhuman

24. Last Chance

25. Role Play

This list was not ranked in order and is not a reflection of what his greatest songs are in that type of list. However, this list will serve greatly as a mix of Ginuwine’s material and an introduction into what his music is all about. Hopefully, he keeps putting out more and more great stuff for many years to come and his success was not a mere aberration for a few years.