The band, Fun., really burst onto the scene in a big way during 2012. Their smash hit single “We Are Young” was probably the most popular track of that year and was used on car commercials, football games, and even on the show Glee. That type of success always generates interest in a band’s other material up to that point and while Fun. has some already available for consumption, their catalog is still none too deep yet. With the massive success of their second album it seems like this band will be in the collective consciousness of society for a while. For this list, I have compiled 17 tracks from their first two albums which I feel stand out above the rest and is a good starting place for new fans to get into their music.

1. We Are Young

2. Some Nights

3. All the Pretty Girls

4. All Alone

5. Out on the Town

6. Carry On

7. One Foot

8. It Gets Better

9. Walking the Dog

10. Stars

11. The Gambler

12. I Wanna be the One

13. All Alright

14. Benson Hedges

15. Take Your Time

16. Believe in Me (Coming Home)

17. Be Calm