Flo Rida is an artist known for getting clubs around the world hyped up and ready to party. His songs are infectious and catchy as hell which can often lead to artists not being able to replicate their former success but Flo Rida has managed to put out hit after hit for more than a few years now and show no sign of slowing down. While he certainly has anthems which almost everybody is familiar with he also has a lot of lesser known songs which are also really good. This list is about bringing together his hits and his other album tracks to form sort of a playlist for new fans to get into his music right away.

1. Whistle

2. I Cry

3. Good Feeling

4. Low

5. Wild Ones

6. Club Can’t Handle Me

7. Right Round- featuring Ke$ha.

8. Turn Around

9. Who Dat Girl featuring Akon

10. Sugar

11. Let It Roll

12. In the Ayer

13. Thinking of You

14. Jump

15. Elevator

16. Roll

17. All My Life

18. 21

19. On and On