Fabolous has now been in the rap game for well over a decade. In fact, I remember hearing him for the first time on a song with Ma$e in 1998 or 1999, so he’s pushing closer to two decades in the game. Nevertheless, Fab has managed to consistently put out new hit songs every few years it seems, from the more street oriented tracks to the top 40 tracks that dominate the airwaves. Quite frankily, the kid with the laid back flow has been getting things done for a long time and appears to be staying in a good place. For this list, I chose the 24 best Fabolous songs from his albums thus far in his career. I didn’t include any of his mixtape tracks or work with the A-Team for example, but those are readily available online if you’re interested.

1. Click & Spark

2. Young’n

3. When I Feel Like It

4. Get Smart

5. Ready

6. Can’t Deny It

7. Right Now & Later On

8. My Time

9. You Be Killin’ Em

10. Throw It In the Bag

11. Money Goes, Honey Stay

12. Everything, Everyday, Everywhere

13. Into You

14. Imma Do It

15. Church

16. Breathe

17. It’s Alright

18. Can You Hear Me

19. Don’t Stop, Won’t Stop

20. Girls

21. Can’t Let You Go

22. Damn

23. Up On Things

24. Make Me Better