Eazy E Best Songs: Top 12 Songs by Eazy E

Eazy E is a rap legend who came to fame with NWA in the late 1980s. He is one of the parties responsible for the popularization of gangster rap and had many people wanting to claim they were from Compton. Unfortunately, Eazy died of complications from AIDS and his career didn’t get to have a second act. However, Eazy still put out plenty of material during his time and this list presents 12 tracks that make up his best.

1. Real Muthaphukkin G’s

2. Boyz-N-The-Hood

3. Just Tah Let U Know

4. Still a Ni**a

5. Gimme That Nutt

6. Eazy Duz It

7. Ole School Shit

8. We Want Eazy

9. Any Last Werdz

10. Still Talkin’

11. It’s On

12. First Power