Dr. Dre is an absolute legend in both the hip-hop world and among the mainstream music industry. Rap is notorious for going through phases and having ‘hot’ artists of the moment, who later fall off after being commercially successful. Dre has been putting it down since before I was born and his looooooonnnngggg anticipated next album is sure to cause a storm when released for rap fans. Beyond production and rapping on his own albums his has found success in his line of Beats headphones which has valuation in the billions of dollars. From NWA to billion dollar businessman ain’t bad, right? For this list, I have put together the best songs by Dr. Dre from his solo albums. I ended up with 21 and I will have to do a list for NWA at some point in the future.

1. Still D.R.E.

2. The Next Episode

3. Forgot About Dre

4. California Love

5. Xxplosive

6. Keep Their Heads Ringing

7. Natural Born Killaz

8. I Need a Doctor

9. Kush

10. What’s the Difference?

11. Nuthin’ But a G Thang

12. Let Me Ride

13. Fuck With Dre Day

14. Lyrical Gangbang

15. Bitches Ain’t Shit

16. Lil Ghetto Boy

17. Stranded on Death Row

18. The Watcher

19. Light Speed

20. The Message

21. Bang Bang