DMX had an absolute monster opening act. His first two albums went #1 and multi-platinum and were released in the same year! It seemed that DMX was on pace to shatter records for album sales for rappers. However, trouble with the law and other things slowed the hype down quite a bit. Even though, he scored several more hit songs and followed those first two albums with some really great ones after that. X always brings some realness to his music and can deliver a high energy track like no other with his signature growl. For this list, I have chose what I think are the 35 best songs ever by DMX. The list definitely could have been way longer but I think that for new fans this is a great place to get started.

1. Ruff Ryders Anthem

2. Ruff Ryders Anthem Remix

3. Party Up

4. Lord Give Me a Sign

5. Angel

6. What’s My Name

7. What These Bitches Want?

8. Slippin’

9. Where the Hood At?

10. Damien

11. My Niggas

12. Who We Be

13. How’s It Going Down?

14. I Miss You

15. Here We Go Again

16. We Right Here

17. Get It On the Floor

18. Stop Being Greedy

19. The Convo

20. Let Me Fly

21. Dogs for Life

22. ATF

23. I Can Feel It

24. X Gon Give It To Ya

25. Damien III

26. What They Don’t Know

27. The Rain

28. One More Road to Cross

29. Blackout

30. Crime Story

31. Blown Away

32. Have You Eva

33. Fuckin’ Wit D

34. It’s All Good

35. Life Be My Song