Somewhere between underground and commercial rap music, lies Curren$y, who’s fantastic mixtapes are always among the best released each year. Curren$y has a loyal following of fans who will consume any music that he puts out, which is a lot, and always seems to be the perfect music to ride or smoke to. For this list, I have included material from his albums and mixtapes and settled on 30 of his best songs. Now, these aren’t his only good songs by any stretch, so definitely check out his long list of mixtapes for more.

1. The Type

2. Power Button

3. Skybourne

4. Sunroof

5. The Hangover

6. Life Under the Scope

7. Showroom

8. Michael Knight

9. One More Time

10. No Squares

11. King Kong

12. On My Plane

13. O.G. (The Jar)

14. I’m Just Dope

15. Got It

16. Perfect Time

17. Famous

18. Jet Life

19. You See It

20. She Don’t Want a Man

21. The Pledge

22. Montreux

23. Elevator Musik

24. The Briefing

25. High Tunes

26. Soundtrack to Success

27. Frost

28. New Program

29. Scottie Pippen

30. Record Deals