The brothers’ Thornton aka Clipse are straight out of Virginia and emerged on the national scene with their massive 2002 hit “Grindin’” which was produced by the Neptunes. Their raps are filled with clever lines and metaphors about life on the streets and in the drug trade and the ups and downs that come with such a path. Their debut album was entitled Lord Willin’ which went platinum and along with their critical success the duo seemed poised to stay on top of the rap game. However, problems with their label forced the delay of their follow-up record, Hell Hath No Fury, until 2006 which by then their initial buzz had died down. Despite a significantly small showing in sales, the album was raved about by critics and considered one of the best rap albums of that year. Clipse got back to hustling hard on the mixtape circuit with their wildly popular We Got It for Cheap series, and eventually put out 2009’s Til the Casket Drops. Since then, Malice has turned away from the more aggressive raps and put out a book about his experiences while Pusha T continues to march on under Kanye West’s Good Music label. Fans of Clipse need not worry because there has been talk of the duo doing yet another album together which is sure to be amazing. This list of the Clipse best songs gathers music from their mixtape series and their albums to provide a solid overview of their career and provide new fans a great mix to serve as a jumping off point to their music.

1. Virginia

2. Cot Damn

3. Mr. Me Too

4. Grindin’

5. Popular Demand

6. Hello New World

7. When the Last Time

8. Ma, I Don’t Love Her

9. Wamp Wamp

10. I’m Good

11. Chinese New Year

12. Ride Around Shinin’

13. Nightmares

14. Footsteps

15. Gangsta Lean

16. Momma I’m So Sorry

17. Keys Open Doors

18. Fast Life

19. Kinda Like a Big Deal

20. Comedy Central

21. Money

22. Ego

23. Freedom

24. Life Change

25. Champion

26. Dirty Money

27. Zen

28. We Got It for Cheap

Mixtape Songs

Roc Boys

20k Money Making Brothers

Dey Know Yayo


Rainy Dayz

Cry Now

Ultimate Flow

Dope Man

Re-Up Gang Anthem

So Fly

Pop Champagne