Carrie Underwood struck it big on American Idol in 2005 and instead of letting that be the height of her fame, she kept climbing ever higher and higher enjoying immense crossover success. She has sold a ton of albums, won Grammy Awards, been named to countless lists of the best female vocalists and as one of the biggest country stars out. With all that in mind, she now has ten years worth of material that has been released, and has put together quite a catalog of music. For this list I have selected 20 songs which I feel are the best by Carrie Underwood thus far. I have created an iTunes playlist, to listen to each track and download them with ease.

Other Artists to consider: Blake Shelton, Katy Perry

1. Blown Away

2. Somethin’ Bad

3. Something in the Water

4. Before He Cheats

5. Cowboy Casanova

6. Undo It

7. See You Again

8. Good Girl

9. Two Black Cadillacs

10. Temporary Home

11. Jesus, Take the Wheel

12. I Told You So

13. All-American Girl

14. Wasted

15. Just a Dream

16. Last Name

17. Mama’s Song

18. Inside Your Heaven

19. So Small

20. Whenever You Remember