Cam’ron was a major player in the rap game from the late 1990s to the early 2000s. His stint with Rocafella, was during the labels peak and Cam was one of the best artists on the roster. Cam’ron had major hits such as “Oh Boy” and “Hey Ma”, made great street records, and influenced hip hop fashion tremendously. There was a time when his Diplomats crew was one of the biggest hits out there and everyone was talking about Dipset. For this list, I have chose 25 songs by Cam’ron which I think are the best from his solo catalog. This isn’t a Dipset list, just his own music.

1. Oh Boy

2. What Means the World to You

3. Hey Ma

4. Down and Out

5. Killa Cam

6. Wet Wipes

7. So Bad

8. Get It in Ohio

9. More Gangsta Music

10. I Really Mean It

11. The Roc

12. Girls

13. Horse and Carriage

14. Harlem Streets

15. Soap Opera

16. Welcome to New York City

17. The Dope Man

18. Still the Reason

19. Suck It or Not

20. Curve

21. War

22. Let Me Know

23. Losin’ Weight

24. Get Em Daddy

25. Sports, Drugs, and Entertainment