Black Eyed Peas were for years, a group of rappers before adding Fergie to the line up and producing a slew of club and radio hits with a dancy, pop heavy feel. This move allowed the Black Eyed Peas to become one of the biggest acts in music for a time and they had massive singles to go along with each subsequent album release. Some people didn’t like this move but it definitely gave them the ability to access people from all walks of life and make enjoyable music. For this list, I have gone through their catalog of music and chose what I think to be the best Black Eyed Peas songs up to this point in time. I selected 25 tracks which I feel give the greatest overview of their work for fans new and old.

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1. The Beginning

2. Pump It

3. Imma Be

4. Just Can’t Get Enough

5. The Best One Yet (The Boy)

6. Don’t Stop the Party

7. Boom Boom Pow

8. I Got a Feeling

9. Showdown

10. Meet Me Half Way

11. Don’t Phunk With My Heart

12. My Humps

13. Like That

14. Don’t Lie

15. Where Is the Love

16. Let’s Get Retarded

17. Labor Day

18. Joints & Jam

19. Karma

20. Clap Your Hands

21. Love Won’t Wait

22. Release

23. Weekends

24. Cali to New York

25. Get Original