South Park has already cemented itself as one of the funniest TV series in history and it is still chugging along after all of these years. I remember watching the premiere, when i was just a kid in elementary school, and how it had such a profound impact on my sense of humor ever since. Creating one of these lists, never pleases everyone because they always feel that you missed one of their favorite episodes or whatever. This list represents however, what I feel are the 43 best episodes of South Park up to this point in time. There is a pretty even distribution of types of episodes from the absurd to the more emotionally wrenching (yes, this show can get emotional in between laughs) and from the many different seasons. This list is a great starting place for any new fan who is looking to get caught up on episodes they haven’t yet explored and offers the most laughs for your time. I’ve linked each episode to its iTunes pages, so you can watch it on whatever device right away, if you so choose. Also, this list is in no particular order, these just represent the cream of the crop.

1. The Passion of the Jew, Season 8: South Park’s take on the film The Passion of the Christ, starring Mel Gibson, is utterly hilarious from start to finish. While, Cartman worships Mel Gibson as some anti-Semitic messiah, Kenny and Stan try to get their money back from Gibson himself after they didn’t enjoy the film. Watch this episode : South Park, Season 8 here

2. Proper Condom Use, Season 5: Parents demand that sex ed be taught to the children (so they don’t actually have to talk to their own kids) and Mr. Mackey and Ms. Choksondik are charged with teaching the boys and girls. The problem is neither one knows what they’re talking about. Watch this episode:  South Park, Season 5 here

3. Wing, Season 9: The boys become talent agents for a new singer named Wing. They do however, run into problems with Chinese gangsters who want Wing for themselves. “Sylvester Stallone” and Wing continuing to sing after she gets punched repeatedly are some of the highlights. Watch this episode: South Park, Season 9 here

4. Poor and Stupid, Season 14:  A great send-up of NASCAR, “Yeah, I turn to the left!” Watch: South Park, Season 14 here

5. D-Yikes!, Season 12: Blending a spoof of the movie 300 with Mrs. Garrison’s new found Lesbianism equals pure comedy gold. Watch this episode: South Park, Season 12 (Uncensored)here

6. Gnomes, Season 2: One of the early episodes that still resonates all of these years later. Step 1: Steal underpants. Step 2: ? Step 3: Profit!  Watch this episode: South Park, Season 2 here

7. Imaginationland I-III, Season 12: This trilogy of episodes is going to count as one for the purposes of this list, so don’t argue like a couple of Star Trek nerds. Imaginationland is completely absurd, brilliant, funny, and deserves a spot on this list. Watch this episode: South Park, Season 12 (Uncensored)here

8. Trapped in a Closet, Season 9: Makes fun of both Scientology and R Kelly’s ridiculous “Trapped in a Closet” series of music videos. Watch this episode: South Park, Season 9 here

9. The Jeffersons, Season 8: Mr. “Jefferson” moves into South Park with his son and quickly becomes popular amongst the children (Cartman especially) because of his toys and the fact he still acts like a child himself. This is the infamous Michael Jackson episode and it was a pretty devastating critique against the now deceased pop star. Watch this episode : South Park, Season 8 here

10. Tonsil Trouble, Season 12: Cartman is accidentely given HIV and starts dressing like Tom Hanks in PhiladelphiaWatch this episode: South Park, Season 12 (Uncensored)here

11. Creme Fraiche, Season 14: Randy tries to become a celebrity chef and Sharon starts a relationship with Shake Weight. Watch: South Park, Season 14 here

12. Asspen, Season 6: This isn’t one of the episodes with a deeper message or causes the boys to learn something useful. It’s just a spoof of crappy 80s movies of the skiing genre. Watch this episode:  South Park, Season 6 here

13. You Got F’d in the A, Season 8: A parody of the god-awful movie You Got Served and works just as well for every other one of the 800 terrible dance movies that have come out in the past decade. Watch this episode : South Park, Season 8 here

14. The Coon, Season 13: A new superhero emerges…The Coon! Watch: South Park, Season 13 (Uncensored) here

15. Make Love, Not Warcraft, Season 10: Machinima takes over for part of the episode as the boys are transformed into their own World of Warcraft characters. Watch this episode: South Park, Season 10 - South Park

16. ManBearPig, Season 11: The most horrifying creature imaginable, ManBearPig and a ‘guest appearance’ by Al Gore! Watch this episode: South Park, Season 11 (Uncensored)here - South Park

17. HUMANCENTiPAD, Season 15: Please read your iTunes user agreement forms or end up like Kyle. Watch: South Park, Season 15 (Uncensored) - South Park

18. Ginger Kids, Season 9: The boys secretly turn Cartman into a Ginger kid, to teach him a lesson. In typical Cartman fashion, he organizes Ginger’s around town to seek vengeance on their tormentors. Watch this episode: South Park, Season 9 here

19. Scott Tenorman Must Die, Season 5: Honestly, the first time you saw did you expect it to end that way after the first ten minutes of Cartman buying pubes from Scott Tenorman? This is just a great Cartman episode that really solidifies his character as an evil child. Watch this episode:  South Park, Season 5 here

20. Fishsticks, Season 13: Jimmy and Cartman write the funniest joke ever and Kanye West takes offense to it. Watch: South Park, Season 13 (Uncensored) here

21. Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy, Season 11: Cartman as Dog the Bounty Hunter? Absolutely. Watch this episode: South Park, Season 11 (Uncensored)here - South Park

22. Kenny Dies, Season 5: Kenny’s death is actually taken seriously for once and it is as touching as it is funny. Watch this episode:  South Park, Season 5 here

23. Butters’ Bottom Bitch, Season 13: Butters becomes a pimp of sorts, selling kisses from the girls at school to willing clients. Watch: South Park, Season 13 (Uncensored) here

24. The Biggest Douche in the Universe, Season 6: South Park destroys the credibility of John Edwards, the psychic, in this episode but in the end he at least gets to win an award. Watch this episode:  South Park, Season 6 here

25. All About the Mormons?, Season 7: Goes after the foundations of the Mormon sect of  Christianity. Dumb, dumb,dumb, dumb, dumb! Watch this episode:  South Park, Season 7 here

26. Medicinal Fried Chicken, Season 14: Medical marijuana for Randy and a desperate Cartman tries to get his fried chicken back. Watch: South Park, Season 14 here

27. Mystery of the Urinal Deuce, Season 11: I’ve got such a raging clue about this episode. Watch this episode: South Park, Season 11 (Uncensored)here - South Park

28. Christian Rock Hard, Season 7: Cartman forms a Christian rock band called Faith+1 with Token and Butters and vows to make them platinum selling artists. The songs on this episode are actually really good. Watch this episode:  South Park, Season 7 here

29. Cartoon Wars, Season 11: An all-out war between Family Guy, South Park, and the Simpsons, with hilarious consequences. Watch this episode: South Park, Season 11 (Uncensored)here - South Park

30. The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers, Season 6: A hilarious video tape mixup sends the boys on a quest to retrieve the evil rental (which is unknown to them, a porno, called Backdoor Sluts 9) and bring it back to Randy. However once they see the strange effects the tape has on other people they decide that it must be brought back to the video store where it came from. Watch this episode:  South Park, Season 6 here

31. With Apologies to Jesse Jackson, Season 12: Randy goes on Wheel of Fortune and says a racial epithet. Plus, Cartman fights a little person. Watch this episode: South Park, Season 12 (Uncensored)here

32. Cartman Joins NAMBLA, Season 4: Cartman is on the search for some older and more mature friends and stumbles upon a group called NAMBLA, who is actually a bunch of pedophiles, and are not to be confused with the Marlon Brando lookalikes. Watch this episode: South Park, Season 4 here

33. Fat Butt and Pancake Head, Season 7: This episode makes fun of the whole J-Lo and Ben Affleck media idiocy that went on around that time. What’s great about Fat Butt and Pancake Head is it shows the lengths that Cartman will go to trick and embarrass Kyle in this case by creating a character named Jennifer Lopez with his hand, becoming a music sensation, and seducing Ben Affleck. Watch this episode:  South Park, Season 7 here

34. Cartman Sucks, Season 12: Butters ends up in one of those ‘Pray away the Gay’ camps because of Cartman. Watch this episode: South Park, Season 12 (Uncensored)here

35. Towelie, Season 5: This episode is kind of pointless in plot and Towlie is such a random character, but it is so funny, it deserves a spot on this list. Watch this episode:  South Park, Season 5 here

36. Go God Go, Season 10: This is the first part of the two part story arc involving evolution and Cartman’s impatience while waiting for the Nintendo Wii. It was interesting to see them take on Atheism and in the future scenes give it the same treatment they have done with various religions. Plus Mrs. Garrison is funny as hell when trying to explain evolution. Watch this episode: South Park, Season 10 - South Park

37. Up the Down Steroid, Season 8: Jimmy is in training for the Special Olympics and decides he needs an extra edge to beat out the competition, enter, steroids. Watch this episode : South Park, Season 8 here

38. Butters’ Very Own Episode, Season 5: Butters finally gets his due as one of the best characters on South Park. He’s such a sweet and innocent kid who always gets dragged into bad situations and of course always gets grounded because of it. This episode is fantastic. Watch this episode:  South Park, Season 5 here

39. The Death Camp of Intolerance, Season 6: When Mr. Garrison tries to get fired from his teaching job for being gay in order to sue the school for millions the boys feel uncomfortable with his actions. They are told throughout the episode that they are being intolerant of Garrison and his life choices when really he is just doing awful things like putting Lemmiwinks, the class gerbil up Mr.Slave’s ass. The boys are sent to intolerance camp which is pretty much a Nazi concentration camp to learn their lesson. Watch this episode:  South Park, Season 6 here

40. Goo Backs, Season 8: Taking on the illegal immigration issue by using people from the future who travel through time and took our jobs! Watch this episode : South Park, Season 8 here

41. Chickenlover, Season 2: Someone in the town is having sex with chickens and the offender is leaving behind written clues for Officer Barbrady to solve the crime. There just one problem Officer Barbrady is illiterate and is sent back to school to learn how to read. He also deputizes the four boys in order to help him read and solve the crime. Cartman takes this idea of being a cop very seriously and patrols the town on his big wheel. Watch this episode: South Park, Season 2 here

42. Chinpokomon, Season 3:A group of Japanese toy makers create the latest fad in America, Chinpokomon, in an insidious plot to brainwash children into launching another attack on Pearl Harbor. It’s a good thing Americans, “Have such large penis.” Watch this episode here: South Park, Season 3 - South Park

43. Cancelled, Season 7: I love this episode which explains that Earth is nothing more than a reality show for the rest of the universe and the Jeff Goldblum character is such a great spoof on Independence Day. “Who’s having butt sex?” Watch this episode:  South Park, Season 7 here