Aerosmith is a band that has been around seemingly forever. They are one of the rare bands who achieved relevance in every decade since the early 1970s. Granted, some years were quiet or not as successful but Aerosmith always seems to find a way to have a hit or a string of hits every 5-10 years and recapture a new audience each time. This group of rock n roll legends have definitely had a long and distinguished career and no matter what happens moving forward they have solidified their spot in music history with great albums and songs that everyone remembers. For this list, I have chosen what I think are the top 50 Aerosmith songs of all-time, though not in any order. Sure, there are more songs but 50 is a nice round number and represents hours of material for new fans to pour through.

1. Sweet Emotion

2. Dream On

3. What It Takes

4. I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing

5. Jaded.

6. Janie’s Got a Gun

7. Cryin’

8. Walk this Way

9. Train Kept a Rollin’

10. Crazy

11. Dude (Looks like a Lady)

12. Back in the Saddle

13. Angel

14. Livin’ on the Edge

15. Mama Kin

16. Rag Doll

17. Love in an Elevator

18. Last Child

19. Pink

20. Toys in the Attic

21. Seasons of Wither

22. Same Ol Song and Dance

23. Amazing

24. Big Ten Inch Record

25. Uncle Salty

26. Lightning Strikes

27. Remember

28. No More No More

29. Kings and Queens

30. The Other Side

31. Woman of the World

32. Let the Music do the Talking

33. Shut Up and Dance

34. Falling in Love (is Hard on the Knees)

35. Hangman Jury

36. Baby, Please Don’t Go

37. Permanent Vacation

38. Lord of the Thighs

39. Come Together

40. Draw the Line

41. Walk on Water

42. Eat the Rich

43. Full Circle

44. Beyond Beautiful

45. Hole in My Soul

46. Deuces Are Wild

47. What Could Have Been Love

48. Round and Round

49. I’m Down

50. Sick as a Dog