Aaliyah was a hit on the music scene from the time she was barely a teenager right up until her untimely death at age 22. It’s hard to imagine that someone so young at the time of their passing could have had such an impact on popular music but Aaliyah managed to do just that. She had also managed to successfully launch an acting career in addition to topping the charts with such hits as “Are You That Somebody?” and “One in a Million”. It was unfortunately a very brief career but one which was full of highlights and great music. For this list, I wanted to compile the greatest Aaliyah songs of her career for both of those who were already fans and for those who are only now discovering Aaliyah’s music.

1. Try Again

2. Rock the Boat

3. One in a Million

4. Are You that Somebody?

5. Back & Forth

6. More than a Woman

7. 4 Page Letter

8. At Your Best (You are Love)

9. I Care 4 U

10. Hot Like Fire

11. We Need a Resolution

12. One I Gave my Heart to

13. I Don’t Wanna

14. Age Ain’t Nothing by a Number

15. Got to Give It Up

16. Come Over

17. Choosey Lover

18. It’s Whatever

19. Never Givin’ Up

20. I Refuse

21. I Can Be