50 Cent has now been on the rap scene for over 15 years. He got dropped from Columbia Records before the release of his first album, Power of the Dollar, after he was shot 9 times in front of his grandmother’s house. In 2003, he scored one of the biggest hits in music history with Get Rich or Die Tryin’ which established 50 as one of the brightest stars in rap. For this list, I have scanned through 50′s catalog of material and have chosen 80 tracks that I think represent his best work. Some of these tracks are from mixtapes or older material that didn’t get released through the usual means. This is by no means a complete list of all of his good songs, but with 80 tracks it is certainly a good place to start.

1. We Up

2. In Da Club

3. Many Men

4. Funeral Music

5. Rowdy Rowdy

6.Ghetto Superstar

7. Stretch

8. Do You Think About Me

9. I Get Money

10. Mind Sex

11. Bump Dat

12. Surrounded by Hoes

13.U Not Like Me

14. U Should Be Here

15. Life’s on the Line

16. What Up Gangsta

17. Patiently Waiting

18. High All the Time

19. Heat

20. Blood Hound

21. Back Down

22. Poor Lil Rich

23. Don’t Push Me

24. Like My Style

25. Ayo Technology

26. Get in My Car

27. I’ll Whip Ya Head Boy

28. If I Can’t

29. Just a Lil Bit

30. Candy Shop

31. When I Come Back

32. Hustler’s Ambition

33. Material Girl

34. OK, Ya Right

35. Be A Gentleman

36. Whoo Kid Freestyle

37. I’m a Hustler

38. Fuck You

39. Get Out the Club

40. Disco Inferno

41. I Get It In

42. Back Down

43. Redrum

44. Wanksta

45. Gotta Make It to Heaven

46. Piggy Bank

47. In My Hood

48. I Supposed to Die Tonight

49. I Don’t Know Officer

50. Outta Control

51. P.I.M.P

52. That Ain’t Gangsta

53. Ghetto Qua’ran

54. Gun Runner

55. Position of Power

56. Ski Mask Way

57. When It Rains, It Pours

58. Catch Me in the Hood

59. 21 Questions

60. Run Up On Me

61. Smoke

62. Hate It or Love It

63. Straight to the Bank

64. Places to Go

65. Turn the Lights Off

66. Ryder Music

67. Shooting Guns

68. Overnight Celebrity

69. Nah Nah Nah

70. I’m Leavin

71. It Is What It Is

72. My Crown

73. Roll the Shit

74. Rider Part 2

75. Cocaine

76. My Life

77. Irregular Heartbeat

78. Animal Ambition

79. Window Shopper

80. As the World Turns