Playaz Circle was a rap duo which enjoyed moderate success a few years back with their song Duffle Bag Boy which featured Lil Wayne. One of the members of Playaz Circle was Tity Boi, now known as 2 Chainz, and has since going solo has soared to new heights of popularity. 2 Chainz is no overnight success story and even before he was signed to Disturbing the Peace in the early to mid-2000s he was making music as an artist. 2 Chainz has released many popular mixtapes, including Codeine Cowboy and T.R.U REALigion, which helped to build his fan base from the streets to the mainstream. His album, Based on a T.R.U. Story, helped to solidify his status in the rap game as an artist the demanded attention and brought him a new group of fans that were previously unaware of him. For this list, I chose 20 songs by 2 Chainz which I feel are the best that he has put out thus far in his career.

1. No Lie

2. Birthday Song

3. I Luv Dem Strippers

4. Riot

5. I’m Different

6. Yuck!

7. Ghetto Dreams

8. Do My Dance

9. Like Me

10. Cowboy

11. Goodnight

12. Spend It

13. Too Easy

14. Riding Thru Clouds

15. Boo

16. Kitchen


18. I Got It

19. One Day at a Time

20. Slangin Birds